4800 Bags(Min. Order)
36000 Bags(Min. Order)
1200 Cartons(Min. Order)
$10.56 - $10.80/Cartons
200 Cartons(Min. Order)
$0.44 - $0.45/Bags
2400 Bags(Min. Order)
$0.46 - $0.47/Bags
2400 Bags(Min. Order)
36000 Pieces(Min. Order)
$0.47 - $0.48/Carton
500 Cartons(Min. Order)
$0.77 - $0.78/Carton
500 Cartons(Min. Order)
$0.57 - $0.58/Carton
500 Cartons(Min. Order)
$0.30 - $0.32/Bag
50000 Bags(Min. Order)
100000 Bags(Min. Order)
48000 Bags(Min. Order)
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1. The 2nd factory was founded to increase our supply ability in 2018.
2. Some advanced facilities were brought to improve our quality of products.
3. Complete quality control management system are built
4. Continuously focus on research & development Jilin Province Agricultural Sister-In-Law Food Co., Ltd., is a professional manufacturer of vacuum packed fresh sweet corn, glutinous corn. It is located in Gongzhuling City, Jilin Province, China, one of the top three golden corn belts in the world. It covers an area of nearly thirty thousand square meters. Our company has advanced processing technology, production lines and a number of senior technical staff to ensure product safety. The total number of company employees is 100, including all types of engineering and technical personnel 30 people. In addition, our company has a number of professors with more than 10 years experience engaged in vacuum fresh corn deep processing.

Our main products are vacuum-packed fresh sweet corn on cob, vacuum-packed sweet corn cuts, vacuum-packed sweet corn kernels, vacuum-packed glutinous sweet corn on cob, vacuum-packed glutinous corn cuts, vacuum-packed glutinous corn kernels. Our company yearly output is between5000-10000 tons of products sold in domestic market and overseas market. 60% of our products are exported to Japan, South Korea, Russia, South America, the united Arab emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and other Middle East.

We aim to be one of the best food companies in the world that provides people all over the earth with food of high quality.

Business Core Value: The highest excellence is like that of water.
Great virtue bears all things.
Business Goal and Mission: Strike for Human's Health
Business Tenet: To benefit customers, To make employees rich, to keep company developing,
to make society progressive, To create a better future
Business Spirit: to achieve continuous self-improvement and never give up